Open Icecat
Market leader in product content syndication
  • Unique, free of charge content for channel partners
  • Over 47.000 users worldwide
  • Billions of data-sheet impressions a year
  • Increase your online brand awareness
Uniform, standardized & compelling content
  • Realtime distribution of vendor approved product data
  • Enables comparison of product features & assisted search
  • Full control over your content displayed by channel partners
Cross-sell & Up-sell
  • Increase revenues by listing options and product alternatives
  • Optimal advise on compatible products & accessories
  • Automatic & efficient management of product relationships
Distribute rich media to the channel
Increase online sales conversion by offering compelling content including:
  • Product videos
  • Showcases
  • Flash demos
  • 360 degree product shots
Advanced reporting & market intelligence
  • Reports containing scope, benchmarks & performance
  • Variety of reports including competitors
  • Online market trends
Convert prospects into buyers
  • Redirect prospective buyers on your website to the appropriate online channel partners
  • Supported by major platforms & distributors
  • Increase sales

Open Icecat is the worldwide standard in product content syndication.

Offering standardized datasheets of millions of products in over 40 languages to tens of thousands of channel partners worldwide.